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TU Delft is 19th in the QS Engineering & Technology Ranking 2015 and Leiden University 58th in the QS Life Sciences and Medicine ranking 2015.

BSc Life Science & Technology


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BSc Life Science &





Joint Degree: TU Delft (faculty of Applied Sciences)
& Universiteit Leiden (faculty of Science)

Study load:


180 EC , 36 months

Full time - on campus

What do penicillin, beer, and bio-degradable plastic have in common? Not much at first sight, but on closer consideration, the thing that links these (and many more) applications is the living cell. This ‘smallest building block of life’ is the key element in the Life Science & Technology (LST) degree programme taught jointly at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. The programme combines biology, chemistry, physics, maths and several other fields.

Students' experiences

'I particularly like the fact that LST covers such a varied range of subjects.'

'LST offers so many opportunities; I have yet to discover all of them.'

'The advantage of LST is that it's taught in two cities - 'the best of both worlds'!'

Renske Hinderks
MSc student

Maxim Allaart
MSc student

Daphne Nesenberend
3rd year student

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Read more experiences

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