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How can you help TU Delft?
TU Delft would not be what it is today without the feedback, knowledge and enthusiasm of our alumni. The support that TU Delft receives from its alumni is very important. Our alumni are our 'eyes and ears' and our ambassadors outside the University. There are various ways in which you can support TU Delft. You could, for example, help students find internships or graduation projects, or provide an example to prospective and current students and help them choosethe right programme or specialisation. You can also provide financial support to TU Delft, for example by donating to research or student projects.

Financial support for student (projects)

Students sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to finances (e.g. for an internship or graduation project abroad). Other students deserve a prize because of what they have achieved (e.g. the best graduate). The University Fund (UfD) has set up the Friends' Fund for this purpose. If you want to support these talented students, become a Friend of TU Delft. Read more

Financial support for research Scientists at TU Delft

Together with specialists from all over the world, work on solutions that enhance the lives of a great many people. The Delft University of Technology Foundation seeks support from private-sector and societal partners to facilitate excellent and groundbreaking research as well as highly applied research, and to produce solutions even more quickly.  Read more

Internships and graduation

There are always students who are looking for internships and graduation projects that enable them to put their knowledge into practice. Can you offer an internship or graduation place to TU Delft students? Read more Vacancies for students and alumni- Are you looking for a student or recent graduate of TU Delft? The TU Delft Career Centre can help you bring your vacancy to the attention of young alumni. Click here to find out how.- Fellow alumni can also advertise vacancies in the Alumni Linkedin group. Click here- SUPAIR is a recruitment organisation for young alumni that mediates for companies, engineering and consultancy firms, universities (including universities of technology), knowledge institutes and government agencies involved in technology and engineering. Click here. Support for students Would you enjoy helping students with their studies or with choosing the right programme or specialisation? You can do this by telling them about your own experiences and answering their questions. To register as a contact on the world map, click here

Speaking at student events

An alumnus with work experience can be an important inspiration to students or fellow alumni. Do you have an interesting career, or have you been involved in a fascinating project? Is there a subject in which you are an expert, and would you like to share that expertise with others? If so, please contact the Alumni Office. We are always looking for interesting stories and experiences from alumni.Schools' Lab- Alumni as examples for school pupils To attract more students into technology subjects, we need to begin by enthusing school pupils.
TU Delft has a 'Schools' Lab', an online facility where pupils in pre-university education can ask questions about their science or technology project. This is an open community moderated by students. It is always exciting for school pupils not only to share questions with experts at TU Delft, but also to have contact with alumni who are actually involved in science. Click here.

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