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Drs. D.J. van den Berg


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TU Delft

Since its foundation, TU Delft has been an institute where research and teaching go hand in hand to offer solutions to societal issues. It is a place to study, but we also expect more of our students. Even during their studies, we want them to use their inventiveness to put technology into practice. This approach can produce wonderful results, such as the NUNA solar car, the Senz umbrella, and the Ubuntu Plakkies footwear project. This ensures that TU Delft offers its students a tough and demanding degree programme. But we cannot settle for less: our graduates have an immense responsibility to shoulder. They are entrusted with finding solutions to the problems our society will face in future generations.

Significant societal issues

In addition to top-level education, TU Delft is also home to groundbreaking research. We are determined to apply TU Delft’s knowledge and creativity to the major themes that the Netherlands needs to address in the decades to come. How can we ensure that there is sufficient affordable and clean energy for all? Or that everyone has a clean and safe living environment? What kind of smart infrastructure do we need to develop to make sure that our small and densely populated country remains a good place in which to live and work? And how can we grow old in good health? In order to be able to answer these questions, TU Delft has grouped its scientific research around four major themes: Energy, Health, Infrastructure and Living Environment. And in addressing these themes, we must not forget the question of how to make the best possible use of the economic opportunities presented by these issues. Our guiding principle is that our findings and innovations should always find a place in society.


In this day and age, it is no longer enough to be a leading academic institute. Scientific teaching and research have become international playing fields. In order to excel in today’s world, we need strategic alliances. And TU Delft is working hard to achieve this strategic success: together with our 3TU colleagues in Twente and Eindhoven 3TU, and further afield with Paris, London, Aachen and Zurich in the IDEA League.

Onwards to Asia

With the dawn of the new millennium, the scientific balance has shifted from West to East, and in particular towards South East Asia. This creates the need to look to this region to establish intensive cooperative ventures, just as TU Delft is doing with the top Chinese university, Tsinghua. Our knowledge is very welcome and valuable in this new arena and such partnerships enable the Netherlands to learn from the rapid scientific developments in these upcoming economies.

Creativity and inspiration

Each and every day, I meet driven researchers who are in search of solutions to the issues outlined above, working hand-in-hand with government bodies and trade & industry. And I meet talented and enterprising students, who are not only fully committed to their studies but also to developing other fascinating projects. At TU Delft, creativity and knowledge come together in many different settings, and this is a daily source of inspiration.

Dirk Jan van den Berg, President of the Executive Board





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