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TU Delft has over 19,000 students and 5,000 staff, all of whom are driven by a fascination for science, design and engineering. Our university is not only the oldest but also the largest university of technology in the Netherlands. As such, we are constantly in search of new talent from home and abroad to help us ensure that our research and education remains of the very highest standard.

With approximately five thousand staff, the university is the largest employer in the Delft region. Its eight faculties, unique laboratories, research institutes, research schools  and central support organisation (the University Corporate Office), offer an extremely broad range of jobs and positions. The diversity within TU Delft offers opportunities for everyone, from professor to PhD researcher, and from financial administrator to ICT specialist.

Terms and conditions of employment

The TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package.

Career development

The concept of lifelong learning is an essential feature of today’s knowledge economy. TU Delft attaches great importance to the ongoing personal and professional development of its staff.

    PhD research

    There are over 1,000 PhD researchers at TU Delft, almost fifty per cent of them from foreign countries. Would you like to participate in cutting edge research in science and technology? TU Delft is one of the best universities in Europe with an excellent international reputation.

    Delft Technology Fellowship

    Delft University of Technology is aiming to substantially increase the number of top female faculty members. To help accelerate this, Delft Technology Fellowship offers high-profile, tenure-track positions to top female scientists.

    Traineeship Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam (LDE)

    Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and the Erasmus University Rotterdam have a joint 2-year LDE traineeship for young professionals with an academic education. In this traineeship trainees get the unique opportunity to gain work experience on these universities and professional development.


    An internship represents a very useful chance to explore working life. TU Delft offers various internship opportunities and welcomes enquiries from enterprising young students who wish to gain ‘hands on’ experience in an environment which revolves around research and education.

    International candidates

    As an international applicant, you will probably have questions about housing, immigration procedures, how to open a bank account and so forth.

    Diversity policy

    TU Delft is keen to attract a talent pool which represents the greatest possible diversity. We strive to create an organisational culture in which a wide range of talents can feel thoroughly ‘at home’ and are able to develop their full potential.

    HR Excellence in Research

    TU Delft also wants to contribute to a healthy and attractive climate of research in a European framework. The European Union has a hallmark it awards to institutions that make such a contribution, the HR Excellence in Research logo.

    Application procedure

    If any of the advertised vacancies has sparked your interest, why wait? You can submit your application immediately through the website. Your application will be acknowledged and your details included in the selection procedure.

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