Who are we

Mission and vision

With its unique technology infrastructure, broad knowledge base, high international reputation and many successful alumni, TU Delft is doing much to find responsible solutions to the urgent societal issues facing today’s world.

TU Delft addresses its mission by developing new, cutting-edge scientific insights which underpin the necessary technological breakthroughs. Our product is knowledge. We conduct multidisciplinary research and design projects at the very highest international level, with a particular focus on sustainability. TU Delft’s faculties and unique research facilities are key components of our success.

TU Delft disseminates new knowledge by training highly qualified ‘knowledge workers’ and encouraging the application of knowledge in practice. Knowledge is strength! Our educational programmes attract students from all parts of the world. Further to our vision, we wish to develop a diverse talent pool and put that talent to use worldwide. Education and research are inextricably linked and form a strong basis for knowledge valorisation.

Our successes

Delft University of Technology seeks new, cutting-edge insights and solutions to the urgent societal issues facing today’s world. We are extremely proud of our successes to date. Read more


TU Delft has eight faculties and a central support organisation, the University Corporate Office, in which departments such as Finance & Control and Marketing & Communication are clustered. TU Delft has almost five thousand staff. Its research and education enjoy an extremely high international reputation and the university frequently collaborates with other leading institutions at home and abroad. Read more


TU Delft has superlative research facilities. Needless to say, it also provides many other important facilities, including the Sport and Culture Division which enables staff and students to take part in practically every indoor and outdoor sport imaginable. There are quiet areas for e.g. meditation in various parts of the campus. The university also has an active staff association, ‘Prometheus’. Read more

TU Delft and society

Sustainable and affordable energy, a safe and clean human environment, enjoying a long and healthy life, reliable transport for passengers and freight. Energy, health, the (human) environment, infrastructures and mobility are the major societal themes of today. TU Delft is active in all these areas and is committed to finding responsible solutions to the issues involved. Read more

Meet the TU Delft

We would very much like to meet you! For other opportunities to meet TU Delft, please refer to the Agenda. Read more

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