Research facilities

TU Delft has 'state-of-the-art' research facilities of which we are extremely proud! They are to be found in the various faculties and offer unique opportunities for research and education. Of particular note are the many wind tunnels, the high voltage lab and the fluid dynamics lab. Read more

Sport and Culture Division

The Sport and Culture Division enables staff and students to take part in practically every indoor and outdoor sport imaginable, or to pursue other extracurricular interests. In addition to excellent sports facilities, the Division provides various opportunities for leisure, relaxation and personal development.

The Sport and Culture Division offers a permanent programme of courses and lectures which explore various topics in depth. There are also various activities of a more social nature, enabling staff and students to pursue a hobby, enjoy an evening of entertainment or mingle in an informal setting. These activities are open to all staff and students with a Sport Centre subscription or one of the many ‘culture cards’.
The Division provides top-class facilities for (semi-) professional sportsmen and women. The activities organised by the various student associations also form an important part of the Sport & Culture Division’s programme. 

Prometheus Staff Association

The Prometheus Staff Association organises regular social activities. Members also enjoy special discounts from various companies.


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