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Wind energy at TU Delft

The costs of wind energy are approaching those of electricity generated from fossil fuels: new wind-on-land initiatives cost around 6 eurocents per kWh, while the cleanest fossil fuel power generated from natural gas costs 5.5 eurocents per kWh including the costs of dealing with the CO2 emitted.
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Electric vehicles

It is possible for cars to drive directly on electricity using an electric engine. This technology has been in existence for many years but the electric car has yet to make a breakthrough in the market. Reasons often cited for this include: expensive technology, long charging times and the short distances that can be driven.
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How to use biomass sustainably

Biomass, such as plant waste, offers an enormous potential as a green alternative for fossil fuels for example for the aviation and shipping industry and freight transport. It also serves well as raw material for the chemical and materials industry. The biomass as such is, however, not always ready to use and it is only truly sustainable when it is not in competition with the production of food. Read more



The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology has embarked on a four-year project to develop ‘the ultra-eco-friendly plane’. The faculty is currently hard at work recruiting a special research team to develop these technologies for this innovative ‘green’ aircraft in a project called CleanEra.
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Clouds, the X-factor in climate research

Clouds are the great unknown in climate model, but play an important role. What effect do they have exactly? TU Delft is developing new techniques for mapping the process of cloud formation. Read more 




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