Reflection of the greater society

Sustainable and affordable energy, ageing in good health, a safe and clean human environment, reliable transport. Energy, health, the environment, infrastructures and mobility are the major societal issues of today. Research in these areas is essential if we are to maintain and increase current levels of welfare and prosperity. Research can give rise to many promising economic opportunities. TU Delft is an expert partner for all companies and government departments concerned with these themes.

TU Delft is a ‘supplier’ of independent, impartial knowledge and highly motivated engineers. Its leading scientific research, educational programme and academic curiosity spawn many new insights and innovations. The university can therefore be seen as an expert, and above all inspiring partner, offering valuable advice and research services.

In its staffing policy, TU Delft wishes to reflect the diversity of today’s society. We are an ‘equal opportunity’ employer and firmly believe that diversity not only creates an inspirational working environment but also leads to better results.


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