[Translate to English:] Wind en springtij ideale omstandigheden demo tijdelijke dam SlamDam

28 February 2017

[Translate to English:] Meteorologen verwachten op vrijdag 13 januari het ergste tij in vijftig jaar. De combinatie van harde wind en springtij resulteert in hoog zeewater. In België en Nederland zijn kustregio’s in opperste alertheid om overlast en schade te voorkomen. Vele deltawerken zijn gesloten. In Scheveningen bij de gemeente Den Haag en in de stad Antwerpen aan de Schelde demonstreert...Continue


National ‘Sportinnovator’ Award for ‘measurement-cycle’

18 October 2016

TU Delft’s Sports Engineering Institute won the SportInnovator Award for its project ‘Faster and safer cornering with the sensor bike’ on 11 October 2016. Continue


[Translate to English:] Ambtelijke top ministerie I&M op de campus van TU Delft

27 February 2017

[Translate to English:] De Rijksoverheid heeft duidelijke ambities voor de verduurzaming van Nederland en het versterken van de internationale positie van Nederland in deze wereldwijde transformatie. Voor deze grote en urgente maatschappelijke opgaven heeft Nederland alle partijen nodig die hier een bijdrage aan kunnen leveren.Continue


Minister Schultz bezoekt innovatieve watermanagement-startups

30 August 2016

Minister van Infrastructuur & Milieu Melanie Schultz van Haegen bezocht op dinsdag 30 augustus in Delft de proeftuin Flood Proof Holland, een faciliteit voor onderzoek & onderwijs en het testen en demonstreren van innovaties op het gebied van waterbeheer. Continue


Minister of Science & Technology, professor Yang visits The Green Village

29 August 2016

Learning about the Dutch approach - Professor Yang, Minister of Science & Technology from Taiwan, is in the Netherlands from 28 till 30 August to learn about innovating, the Dutch way. He and his delegation, with amongst others his Deputy Minister and the Director-General of the department of International Cooperation & Science Education (ICSE) is traveling the country for a three day working...Continue


The airbag of WOLK Company receives first UNIIQ investment

23 August 2016

The recently launched investment fund UNIIQ introduced on August 23, 2016, with the opening gong, its first two investments. One of the two investment is for WOLK Company who developed an airbag that protects the hip when falling down.Continue


Neelie Kroes visits RoboValley: 'Don't be modest!'

29 June 2016

Neelie Kroes, Special Envoy of StartupDelta, visited RoboValley. We organised a round table at our office, where Kroes asked us about our ambitions and gave us her view on the future. The former EU-Commissioner made it clear that we shouldn’t be modest and she showed a particular interest in ‘RoboQuarter’.Continue


‘Unmanned Valley Valkenburg crucial for new technologies’

22 June 2016

The realisation of ‘Unmanned Valley’ Valkenburg is crucial for the valorisation of new technologies. That is the message delivered by professor Hester Bijl from Delft University of Technology at the InnovationQuarter year event, which found place at the former airport in Katwijk.Continue


New Investment fund for startups in the proof-of-concept phase

20 June 2016

Katwijk, The Netherlands, June 20 -, Startup Ambassador Neelie Kroes launched ‘UNIIQ’, which is a new investment fund in Zuid-Holland for the proof-of-concept phase of new technologies. The fund assists entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland to bring innovations faster to market.Continue


EU Vice-President Mr. Timmermans visits TUDelft fieldlabs

14 June 2016

Tuesday June 14. Delft University of Technology welcomed Mr. Frans Timmermans, First Vice- President of the European Commission and responsible for sustainable development and ‘better regulation’. Mr. Timmermans was interested to learn about the latest ground-breaking innovations that are being developed, built and tested in the field of climate change and circular economy at TU Delft campus. Continue


ISEA 2016 – The Engineering of Sport

14 June 2016

From July 11-14th 2016 the Sports Engineering Institute of Delft University of Technology will host the 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association. Continue


New Fund for Robotica

31 May 2016

Chrysalix Venture Capital and RoboValley in Delft, Netherlands, have teamed up to raise the new RoboValley Investment Fund.Continue


In search for solutions for coastal erosion Vietnam

26 May 2016
Coastal erosion Vietnam

With its long coastline Vietnam is one of the country’s most struck by Climate Change, El Nino and other heavy weather phenomena (e.g. typhoons). One of the effects is the heavy coastal erosion which at some places even leads to houses and infrastructure being completely swapped away by coastal landslides caused by sea erosion.Continue


Circular Economy Project REPAiR receives 5 million from H2020 programme

26 May 2016
REPAiR (REsource Management in Peri-urban Areas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism)

The H2020 Research & Innovation Action project REPAiR (REsource Management in Peri-urban Areas: Going Beyond Urban Metabolism) led by Alexander Wandl and Prof. Arjan van Timmeren of the Urbanism Department of Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, shall receive 5 million Euros funding from the H2020 programme. Continue

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