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TU  Delft Valorisation Centre
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Many innovative starters

TU Delft is traditionally a application focused university which paves the way for many innovations that find their way into society, for instance through entrepreneurship. Large enterprises have been formed by students who had good ideas and gave shape to these ideas in an enterprise. In order to further stimulate and facilitate technical entrepreneurship, the City of Delft and TU Delft founded the entrepreneur centre YES!Delft in 2005. Throughout the years, this initiative has greatly boosted the success of many innovative starters.

Starters List

With this starters list, we would like to draw attention to our innovative starters. This is regardless of whether the innovative starters came from YES!Delft or from TU Delft. The starters list consists of all businesses started  by students, alumni and employees of TU Delft. The starters list is based on a database of information for internal reporting, for this please contact us.

Call to alumni and employees 

It is very difficult to track down all the start-up companies from the past years. We would therefore like to ask all TU Delft Alumni who started their own business and whose names are not on this list, or who wish to amend the details we have on file, to contact us and forward us their details so that we can add them.

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