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8000 doctoral degrees at TU Delft

20 January 2017

On Friday 20 January the 8000th doctoral degree at TU Delft was conferred to Hayo Hendrikse. He received the degree with distinction for his PhD thesis on Ice-induced vibrations of vertical sided offshore structures.Continue


STO2 landed and data secured

20 January 2017
The STO2 first light spectrum at 1.9 THz

The STO2 telescope with Dutch detectors on board that circled around the South Pole in December 2016 to investigate gas clouds between the stars landed safely on 30 December.Continue


TU Delft start-up ShoreMonitoring helps free houseboats in Gennep

19 January 2017

Damage to the barrage in the River Meuse near Grave has led to a drop in the water level at the Port of Heijen/Gennep. As a result, some houseboats are tilted, some are taking on water, while the strain on the hulls of others is becoming critical. The longer the water level remains low, the more damage will be done. The TU Delft start-up ShoreMonitoring used a jetski to chart the shallow areas...Continue


Spectacular light sculpture at the Aula during TU Delft 175th anniversary celebrations

11 January 2017

Come and see the 4-metre-high pavilion in front of the Aula Building on Mekelweg. The light sculpture has been designed and built by students from Architecture and the Built Environment's study association D.B.S.G. Stylos to mark the 175th anniversary of TU Delft, and it will be on display for exactly 175 days. It will be unveiled on Friday, 13 January 2017, during the Foundation Day...Continue

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