Thesis defence B.M. Hoonhout: sediment

24 March 2017 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft
by Webredactie

Aeolian Sediment Availability and Transport. Promotor: M.J.F. Stive (CiTG).

The natural growth and resilience of coastal dunes, that protect the Netherlands from flooding from sea, is driven by wind. The wind-induced sediment transport along the Dutch coast is limited to about 25% of the transport capacity of the wind due to limitations in sediment availability. This research shows that the sediment availability, and therefore the wind-induced sediment transport, can be extra limited along nourished coasts.

Field measurements at the 21Mm3 mega nourishment along the Delfland coast, known as the Sand Motor, show that spatial variability in sediment availability results in limitation in wind-induced sediment transport and dune growth. The transport capacity of the wind is not fully exploited due to high soil moisture contents, salt crusts, shell pavements and other properties of the beach surface. Especially the influence of shells on the wind-induced sediment transport is large and characteristic for nourished coasts.

The field measurements at the Sand Motor inspired the development of a numerical model. The model is able to accurately predict spatial variations in sediment availability. The model can therefore be used to optimize nourishment designs with the aim of stimulating the natural growth and resilience of coastal dunes, for example in context of Building with Nature.

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