Thesis defence M.P. Horikx: structural design

23 March 2017 | 12:30
location: Aula, TU Delft
by Webredactie

A Methodical Approach on Conceptual Structural Design. Promotor 1: H.A.J. de Ridder (CiTG), Promotor 2: A.Q.C. van der Horst (CiTG).

The subject of this academic research thesis is a methodical approach on the complex problem-solving process of structural conceptual design. For this relatively unexplored problem, an exploratory research is conducted by systematically zooming in from the whole to the part and from coarse to fine.

The so explored methodical approach on conceptual structural design leads to a controlled build-up of insight into the behaviour of the structure and supports the actual successive design decisions during the conceptual design phase on the basis of the following coherent set of solution components:

  • The structural engineering practice is outlined by a fundamental structural design cycle: creation, optimisation, and specification.
  • Characterisation of basic structural forms.
  • The structural design path follows the fundamental dimensioning routine from structural integrity, via load distribution, to failure mechanisms.
  • Structural design loops are appointed and clarified.
  • Fundamental conceptual design parameters of the participating disciplines serve as a concurrent-based breeding ground for integral design solutions.
  • Approximation parameters for conceptual structural design are determined on the basis of timeless applied mechanics.

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