VSParticle wins participation in start-up programme at MIT

25 February 2015 by Webredactie Communication

Tuesday, February 24th, VSParticle won the STARTUP Competition. This competition is a collaboration between Delft University of Technology and MIT to encourage entrepreneurship. The winners of the competition will be fully sponsored to go to MIT for three months this summer to take part in the Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator.


The finals took place during the Entrepreneurship Forum in the Auditorium of TU Delft. In front of a packed auditorium the six companies, consisting of PowerWindow, VSParticle, Atmos UAV, Samsara, Beacon en CoH co., had ninety seconds to pitch their start-up and answer a few questions from the jury. The jury selected VSParticle based on the following criteria: “Is it real Delft Technology? Is it close to market? And which team would benefit most from a stay at MIT?”.


Aaike van Vugt and Tobias Pfeiffer are the founders of VSParticle. Having a background in Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, they developed a technology that enables the use of nanoparticles. In current processes the production of nanoparticles is separated from their integration into the final product. Because of this, a significant number of extra processes is necessary to temporarily stabilize the nanoparticles. VSParticle introduces a ‘one-step process’ in which the nanoparticles are produced and in the same step integrated into the final product. The end result are clean nanoparticles on the right spot in the product, for a fraction of the current price. Aaike van Vugt: “We want to bring you guys the next generation of products!”.

Prestigious start-up programme

De MIT Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator is an annual educational programme for students of MIT and is the premier university student accelerator in the world. Each year about ten teams of MIT will be selected as well as four teams from other universities. Due to the close collaboration between Delft University of Technology and MIT, this year a team of Delft students gets the opportunity to partake in the programme. From June till September teams are being prepared for entrepreneurship and are being supported in developing their start-up. During these three months teams can earn up to $20,000 by meeting monthly milestones. In the beginning of September the teams will present their start-up to American investors during Demo Day to secure enough investment for a successful start of their company.


At the beginning of February a selection of the applicants for the STARTUP Competition pitched in front of a jury during the semi-finals. Five teams were then selected to pitch at the finals. The winners of the course ‘Turning Technology into Business’ became the sixth candidate this year.

Entrepreneurship Forum

The Entrepreneurship Forum is an event organised by YES!Delft Students to which around a thousand students attend yearly. At this event founders and CEO’s of successful companies share their stories with students and in between their presentations the finalists of STARTUP pitch. In this way an interesting mix forms of lectures from professionals on the one hand and pitches of young talent on the other hand.

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