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Providing clean, reliable and affordable energy for the world's population is one of today's biggest challenges. At the same time green energy technology also offers new economic opportunities. The Delft Energy Initiative provides easy access to the more than 900 energy researchers at TU Delft and brings together researchers, students, companies and governments to tackle the energy challenge.

Research Highlights

The Delft Plan: The Netherlands as the Energy gateway of Europe

What will Europe look like in 2050? And most importantly: how can we anticipate and respond to the complex system changes in the energy world whilst at the same time ensuring that this benefits the Dutch economy? This question is at the heart of The Delft Plan: The Netherlands as the Energy Gateway of Europe. TU Delft hopes that the launch of this plan in March 2015 will initiate a movement that is able to fully exploit the Netherlands' strengths in the energy sector in Europe. The scientific themes will be further elaborated in the Delft Energy Initiative.

Read more about The Delft Plan here.

The Delft Energy Initiative

The Delft Energy Initiative is the portal to energy research, education and innovation at TU Delft. This initiative serves as a catalyst for collaboration and debate between scientists and students and between TU Delft and businesses, government agencies and politicians. In this way, TU Delft contributes to energy innovation and ensures that sustainable energy provision remains an urgent priority for society.

The diversity of Delft energy research

At TU Delft, we work on numerous aspects of energy technology: from solar panels to wind turbines, from biogas to smart grids and from nuclear energy to geothermal energy. The research is conducted within all eight faculties and engages researchers in multidisciplinary research projects.

At TU Delft 900 researchers work on the following themes:




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