Meet the Energy Leaders: Peter Molengraaf - CEO Alliander

07 April 2017 | 12:40 - 13:40
location: TU Delft; Faculty 3mE, Hall A
by Webredactie Delft Energy Initiative

As inspiration for scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and students the Delft Energy Initiative organizes in the series ‘Meet the Energy Leaders’ a guest lecture by Peter Molengraaf (CEO Alliander). "Changes in the energy system and the role of the public distribution system operators".

Attending the lecture is free of charge; registration is obligatory. You can register via this form.

"Changes in the energy system and the role of the public distribution system operators".

The energy system is set for revolutionary change in the coming decades. 24/7 power plants are making way for solar panels or wind turbines that only generate energy when the sun shines or the wind blows. To heat our homes and power our cars, we are switching over from gas and oil to electricity and residual heating. Customers want to generate their own energy - for their own use and to share. New types of networks are emerging, which will not all necessarily be accessible to everyone.
Added to this, far-reaching international climate commitments will further accelerate the pace of change in our energy system in the coming decades. We are on the eve of a radical transition to a more sustainable energy system. But lots remains to be done to achieve the sustainability objectives for 2050.
Peter Molengraaf sketches the context of the national and international developments within the energy sector for the years ahead. His specific focus will be on the impact on the energy sector and the role he sees for Alliander as the largest electricity and gas network company in the Netherlands. Alliander's big priority is to keep energy affordable, reliable and accessible for everyone. Hence its desire to play a central role in the transition towards a renewable energy future by initiating innovations and new applications in order to deliver a better, faster and cheaper service to its customers. To this end, Alliander is seeking to form partnerships with parties inside and outside the sector. Peter Molengraaf explains this with specific examples. In addition, Alliander is actively investing in pilots with new market models and measures to promote an open energy market.

Peter Molengraaf (51) is CEO of Alliander N.V., a network company in the energy sector.
Alliander has around 7,000 employees. By constantly improving her network, Alliander is preparing itself for a future  in which everyone can consume, produce and share renewable energy.
Alliander consists of a group of companies such as Liander, Liandon, Kenter and Allego. The grid operator Liander transports electricity to 3.1 million customers and gas to 2.7 million customers in an area extending to over a third of the Netherlands.  Together the Alliander companies represent an expertise in energy networks, energy technology and technical innovations.
Peter Molengraaf studied Informatics at TU Delft and then went on to receive an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. Part of his MBA was completed at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Peter Molengraaf has held various management positions at Nuon and Shell. He is also a Member of the Supervisory Board of Vopak Netherlands and chairman of WENb, the employers' association for Energy, Cable & Telecom and Waste & Environmental Enterprises.

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