Master Track Coordinator M.I. Gerritsma
Room : HSL 0.38
Building 64
Kluyverweg 2
2629 HT Delft
tel: +31 (0)15 27 85903
For programme information contact:
Mr. Gerritsma.
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Aerodynamics and Wind Energy


The master Track Aerodynamics and Wind Energy combines fundamental and applied research disciplines of aerospace and wind-power systems, focusing on the development of new analysis techniques and their application in design. It is aimed at those who wish to acquire experience with both experimental and numerical methods as well as design procedures and optimisation techniques.

The Track offers two Profiles: Aerodynamics and Wind Energy. The first is supported by the Aerodynamics research group, while the second is supported by the Wind Energy  group.

Didactic approach of the MSc Track:
You build experience through courses, a directed internship and a supervised final research project. The consolidation of the theoretical aspects treated in the various research topics is made possible by a wide range of experimental and computer facilities available for the MSc students.

Learning objectives of the MSc Track:
The objective of this track is to provide you with the opportunity to become a specialist with specific knowledge in analysis of aerodynamic systems, and the methods used for their application in design. You will obtain a thorough fundamental basis in aerodynamics as well as in modern techniques to investigate such systems.



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