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Master of Science Applied Earth Sciences


 The two-year Master of Science in Applied Earth Sciences is a challenging Engineering Programme for students with wide-ranging backgrounds (petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, geology, geophysics, civil engineering, natural sciences) who are interested in and concerned about sustainable use of the earth’s resources in energy production problems (oil and gas), raw materials technology and geotechnical engineering.

You will be trained as a creative and independent thinker; an engineer with the ability and skills to tackle complex problems. In the first year you will take specialised modules, do lab work and go on a geological excursion. In the second year you will write a thesis under the supervision of a professor. Your last exam will be a defence of your thesis.

The courses and assignments are compiled by specialists who excel in their own disciplines. Many of them have close ties with industry. The study environment is international, with English as the working language. In addition to following the training and teaching programme, students may test practical cases against the scientific knowledge developed by our professors and researchers.

As a small community, AES is flexible with plenty of scope for staff and student interaction. As the programmes are broad-based with a strong international character, graduates can find employment in many industrial and academic domains.

The MSc programme in Applied Earth Sciences offers six tracks which train students to make full use of the tools and techniques in their discipline:

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