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Please visit or download the PDF for an overview of all the graduation possibilities in the MSc programme Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences of the academic year 2017-2018.

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Track in Architecture

The architecture track draws on the rich architectural culture of the Netherlands from Berlage to Koolhaas. Teaching encourages students to develop creative and innovative building projects that use design as a means to deal with the technical, social and spatial challenges encountered in the built environment.

What you will learn

This programme sets itself apart from other architecture programmes in the diversity of directions available. Students can choose from a range of studios each with a different focus from conceptual to concrete, from technical to theoretical and from building to city scales. Each studio combines teaching by academics and practitioners from leading architectural firms, including Kees Kaan, Winy Maas, Michiel Riedijk and Dick van Gameren.

Students develop an independent and academic attitude and are given the opportunity to design their own projects in the speciality of their choice, supported by an excellent infrastructure of model-making facilities, studio spaces and frequent excursions, workshops and seminars.

The Architecture track is one of five specialisation tracks within the Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences master programme. On graduation, students receive Master of Science degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (Architecture track). 

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