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MSc track in Building Technology

The Building Technology track encompasses a broad spectrum of engineering and architectural design skills that lead to one of the dominant professions of the future: the sustainable designer. The emphasis of this programme is on the design of innovative and sustainable building components and their integration into the built environment.

What you will learn

Through focusing on structural, façade and climate design, students learn how to contribute to smart buildings that are sustainable, comfortable and environmentally intelligent. This programme stands out internationally because of its integration of architectural design with technical disciplines, filling the niche between architecture and engineering. Rather than focusing on one or two specialisations, students investigate the whole breadth of building technology, looking at climate design, façade design and structural design, producing designers that know how engineers work.

Prospective students must show both technical and architectural skills, interest and understanding. The programme is well suited to architectural graduates looking to strengthen their technical qualifications and those with a technical background that want to strengthen their design abilities.

The Building Technology track is one of five specialisation tracks within the Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences master programme. On graduation, students receive Master of Science degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (Building Technology track).

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