The Data Science & Technology Track


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Master of Science Computer Science
Data Science & Technology



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120 EC, 24 months

The richness and importance of the information conveyed by data has led to a rapid increase in the influence of data on individuals and society.

Data of various kinds, such as the enormous data collections on the internet, has become omnipresent in virtually all aspects of our society. For example, by analysing the data available from past negotiations we can now predict our opponent’s behaviour in future negotiations. Digital data has become the key to innovations that show promise in relation to the progress of humanity in critical societal domains, such as energy, economy, health or climate, as well as in science, such as in bio-informatics or web science.

What you will learn

The aim of this Data Science & Technology track is to learn you how to engineer systems in which (extremely) large data collections are the key component. You will gain the knowledge to develop and deploy algorithms to collect and analyse data. You will learn how to present data in a meaningful and transparent format and to support decision-making on the basis of that data. For example, you will learn how to detect patterns in gene-data, visualise the inner workings of a patient to support diagnosis, develop lifestyle change programmes to improve health, or extract user behaviour from web logs.

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