Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE  Delft
The Netherlands
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Contact - Dutch applicants
ir. J.C. Thieme
ir. C. Veldhuizen
ir. W.M. Biemond
015 - 27 82941 / 87081

Contact - international applicants
International office
015 - 27 81077

Career prospects

The programme prepares graduates for positions as product designers, interaction designers, R&D specialists, and usability consultants, as well as for design-centred research activities. 

Design for Interaction

Graduates of the programme have been hired in recent years by companies such as Philips, Vodafone, HP, Microsoft, TomTom, Océ, and many smaller firms, and by design and market research agencies.

With the specialisation Medisign

Graduates who specialise in Medisign are all-round engineers who have experience in design in an inter-disciplinary team in the medical field. In this growing field, there are abundant design opportunities. Participants in the Medisign programme have found jobs at medical design companies like Indes and Spark Design, as well as multinationals active in the medical equipment field such as Philips Medical, Drager and Siemens.


Where do you come to work as an Industrial Design Engineer? What are the possibilities? This video gives you an idea of the opportunities that Industrial Design Engineers have and create!

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