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Master of Science Strategic Product Design

Mastering design’s impact on business and markets

Great products and services don’t just happen. Behind them lies a development process that starts with careful consideration of market needs, the competitive environment, company resources, the brand image, and the style and function of the new product or service to be created.

The focus of the Strategic Product Design (SPD) Master’s programme is on the business context of product and service design. This can be the context of large international corporations, strong design consultancies, or start-up entrepreneurship.

The programme’s emphasis is on translating a company’s strategy and market opportunities into a strong product or service portfolio. SPD provides the insights and the tools to exploit business resources and market opportunities. In other words, it aims at maximising the impact of design on business and markets!

Students learn to apply techniques like market and brand analysis, future scenarios, and technology road mapping as drivers for strategic product design. They also learn to create robust design strategies for business with a strong social and economic rationale. Ultimately, students acquire the skills to help companies conceptualise, develop and introduce socially sound, and commercially successful products and services.


The MSc Strategic Product Design has been ranked by Business Week as one of the world’s top 30 design and business programmes.

Other Industrial Design Engineering Master programmes

Design for Interaction

You design from a user perspective.
You learn methods to map user needs, to design with a focus on experience and wellbeing, to make interactive prototypes and to translate desired interactions into designs.

Integrated Product Design

You design from an integral perspective. You learn how technology, human, material, formgiving, environment and business interests meet in the design and production of a product. 

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