Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio

Name: Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio
Country: Brazil
Former University: Universidade de São Paulo
Current programme:
MSc Applied Physics

Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio

I concluded my bachelor in Physics in 2008. From there I had a long journey that led me to be in Delft now. Long story short, in this period I worked on industry, then in the financial market and got my Master in Economics. However, Physics has ever been my passion! In the end of 2013 my wife came up with an idea: why shouldn’t try to study abroad and open my possibilities working with science. And the journey towards Delft began.

I cannot say it was easy being here. I found out about the university by chance, in a conversation with a friend in a Sunday. I was applying for universities in other countries, but I had never thought about coming to the Netherlands. I didn’t even know that they had such nice universities here. But in the end, it turns out that I found out that they have a really good department on Bionanoscience (which has been the theme of my research here), the Delft University of Technology is well recognized worldwide. In the end I applied and a good scholarship brought me here. I started on September 2014 and my impression about the university, the city and the country could not be better. And now, I want people to know about this and having the Netherlands, specially Delft, as an option for coming abroad and having a lifetime experience.

I want to be the person I did not have when I came first and did not know how to deal with all the paperwork and settling problems we have here. So do not hesitate in contacting me for help. I want you to come and feel home!

Venha a Delft e sinta-se em casa! Podemos ajudá-lo nessa tarefa.

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