Student life in Delft

Every year in August we arrange a freshman week (in Dutch the OWee) for the new first-year students. The OWee forms a perfect introduction to the Delft student life. Read more

Student societies and study associations

Delft is well known for being a friendly city with a lively student population. It is the city with the largest number of active student societies (studentenvereniging) in the Netherlands. You could also join a study association (studievereniging). Study associations are attached to a particular programme, whereas student societies are open to all.

Student societies
Student societies organise cultural, sporting and political activities. Joining a student society is a great way of getting to know people. These societies also encourage personal development as they give you the opportunity to help organise the activities being arranged for students.

Study associations
Every programme at TU Delft has its own study association. A study association represents student interests, organises programme-based activities, such as study trips and excursions, and provides entertainment. Members of a study association usually benefit from substantial discounts on the textbooks. An overview of all Delft study associations is available on the website of the StudieVerenigingenRaad (or SVR).

Sport & Culture

On the TU Delft campus, you will also find the Unit Sport & Culture. As a student, you will be eligible to buy a sports card at a reduced rate. The card entitles you to unrestricted participation in sports training and courses. The cultural programme comprises a varied range of courses and workshops relating to music, theatre, dance, design, media and technology. Read more on the website of the Unit Sport & Culture.

Science and culture

Studium Generale organises lectures, workshops, symposia and presentations on subjects relating to culture, technology, society and science. As a TU Delft student, you will be able to attend many of these free of charge. Read more on the website of Studium Generale.

The City of Delft

Delft has a reputation for being a friendly city; bars and terraces along the canals and on the city squares, quirky shops, affordable restaurants and great cinemas. It is easy to find your way around as everything is close together. Delft is bursting with activity from spring right through to autumn, including music festivals and street theatre. If you want to find out more about the city of Delft, visit the website



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