What TU Delft has to offer


Alongside the regular full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, TU Delft also offers elective modules, minors and postgraduate education. Read more

Study facilities

As a student at TU Delft, you will be able to make use of the various study facilities provided. These include IT, teaching and research facilities and the university library. Read more

Top-class sport and study

TU Delft supports students who combine their studies with top-level sporting activities and
invests in the development of talent in and outside the lecture halls. It's often difficult to combine
a normal curriculum with a top-level sports training programme. In practice, this means that
you're combining two full-time activities, especially if you choose a technical programme at TU
Delft with a large number of tutorials and laboratory courses. Read more

Studying with a disability

Studying with a disability often costs extra time and energy; therefore, you have the right to receive extra support. This website provides information about the special provisions and facilities you have a right to receive, and how you can arrange to receive them. Read more

Freshman week (OWee)

Every year in August we arrange a freshman week (known as the OWee) for the new first-year students. This week gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know the city, the university and your fellow students. Read more

Sports & Culture

As well as studying, it’s important to relax every now and then and explore your talents. Sports & Culture at TU Delftoffers a wide range of sports and creative courses, for a friendly student price. At the start of the year, during the Free Try-Outs, you can find out which course suits you the best. Furthermore, with a broad range of activities held each month, such as the free Friday Nights with bands and DJ’s, films, workshops and the annual TU Delft Zomerfestival, there’s always something fun to do! Read more at www.sc.tudelft.nl.


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