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Sixteenth place for Mechanical Engineering in QS category Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing.

BSc Marine Technology


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BSc Marine Technology    





Mechanical, Maritime and
Material Engineering (3mE)

Study load:


180 EC , 36 months

Full time - on campus

Marine Technology is all about the design of ships. A large ship is an independently functioning village and at the same time one of the largest machines we know. The Bachelor’s degree programme in Marine Technology will teach you to design a ship, with all the necessary amenities and facilities. However, a marine engineer has many other skills as well. The optimisation of the shape of the hull and the ship’s construction, the design of offshore platforms and the analysis of the construction process will also be covered.

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Vincent Mullenders
2nd year student

Ivar Grootheest
3rd year student

Miranti Steijger
4th year student

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Read more students' experiences

Read more students' experiences

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