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Sixteenth place for Mechanical Engineering in QS category Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing.

BSc Mechanical Engineering


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BSc Mechanical Engineering





Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

Study load:


180 EC , 36 months

Full time - on campus

As a mechanical engineer, you will be involved with devising, designing, fabricating and improving equipment, tools, appliances, machines and factories. All things that make our lives – in business and as consumers – easier, safer and more sustainable. You will use your knowledge of mathematics and physics to look at the world from an analytical perspective. You will learn to critically assess obvious solutions and devise better alternatives, making you an indispensable link between technological development and society.

Students' experiences

'Mechanical engineering can be challenging, but it can be done without difficulty if you remain motivated.'

'I surprise myself sometimes by being able to calculate things I never thought possible two years ago!’

’During my minor, I spent time abroad at ETH Zurich following courses in robotics.’

Wouter van der Wal
1st year student

Hubald Verzijl
2nd year student

Marjolijn Heslinga
3rd year student

Read our students' experiences

Read our students' experiences

Read our students' experiences

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