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"Nanobiology is a unique Bachelor programme and is not offered anywhere in the world."



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BSc Nanobiology





Joint Degree:
Faculty of Applied Sciences (TU Delft) &
Erasmus School of Medicine
(Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Study load:


180 EC , 36 months

Full time - on campus

This Bachelor’s degree programme gives you the best of both worlds. TU Delft has joined forces with Erasmus University Rotterdam to bring you this unique programme. Develop methods and techniques to identify heart failure before it leads to diseases, or develop a microscope that helps analyse vital molecules in living cells. Nanobiology is the study of the complexity of living systems. It employs the methods and principles of Physics to do this in a quantitative way. It is a relatively new area of research that bridges the borders between Physics, Nanophysics, Biology and medical research. The course is suitable for students with a strong interest in both Physics and Biology.

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Students experiences

'If you like physics, mathematics and biology this is absolutely the course for you!'

'It is definitely not the easiest bachelor programme...'

'Besides solving integrals, you also need to learn the ins and outs of the cell.'

David Garcia van Bijsterveld
1st year student

Aoibhinn Reddington
2nd year student

Jasper Veerman
3rd year student

Read our Students' experiences


Read our Students' experiences

Read our Students' experiences

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