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Bachelor programme Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management

This three-year programme in Dutch is meant for students who have completed the Dutch secondary school VWO.

Are you good at mathematics and other scientific subjects, but also have a broad interest in subjects such as economics, administration, management and law? Do you have an inquiring and also practical mind, are you socially committed and enterprising? Then the degree programme in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management could be the right thing for you.

At Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (SEPAM) you study a range of technical and science subjects as well as subjects from social and management studies. The knowledge from these subjects is often appliedn practically oriented cases in projects.

Degree programme

Right from the start you work on a cohesive study programme of engineering, mathematics, economics, administration, management, law and policy analysis. You take engineering subjects, and do plenty of mathematics and modelling. You learn how the business community is structured and how civil administration works, which government bodies exist and which powers they have.
The degree programme consists of 4 clusters and since you can’t specialise in each field of technology, you choose a technical specialisation domain during the degree programme in which you study the technology in greater depth.
In addition to the regular degree programme you also take a minor (group of optional subjects) in your third year. You may possibly do this abroad.
After your Bachelor’s programme you can transfer to the two-year Master’s programme in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management or another following Master’s degree programme. 


Graduates often work for consultancy firms, the government, multinationals and medium-sized companies. Of course, you can also start your own company or work at a university.

Practical information

Student society

Almost all SEPAM students are a member of the Curius student society. Curius represents your interests, helps to promote quality control of the teaching, organises various social activities and helps you find your way in the job market. You can also buy textbooks from the society.

Bachelor’s project

In the last quarter of your third year you carry out a Bachelor’s project. You select a subject that matches your technological domain. One example of such a subject is: ‘The CO2 emissions trade in the electricity production sector in the Netherlands’. Emissions trading is a relatively new theme that is getting a lot of media attention and it fits in well with the technological domain: Energy, Water and Industry.

Want to find out more?

Would you like to know more about any information events taking place or would you like to talk to an academic counsellor about the degree programme? Then contact Marja Brand on the following telephone number: 015 2789801.


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