General information about the Netherlands and TU Delft

Directory: "Welcome to Delft"

There are so many things to do when you move to the Netherlands. You have to sort out paperwork, find somewhere to live and maybe even a school for your children, in addition to trying to understand life in a new country. 

This directory provides you with information that will help you with your move. We hope that it will be useful to you and wish you (and your family) a pleasant stay in Delft and at the TU Delft.

Any comment, questions and suggestions for additions can be sent to the International Office.

International School & Childcare

Would you like to know more about "International" Schools & Child care? The list below includes contact information for Education and Childcare:

Bilingual Primary Schools in Delft and Pijnacker

International Schools


You can also visit the website of Delft Municipality.

Graduate School

Would you like to know more about obtaining your PhD at TU Delft? Then please check out our Graduate School.

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