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Invest in innovation

TU Delft Research Exhibition

A new exciting research exhibition showcasing the latest state of the art of our innovative ideas that could be of interest to your business.
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Sports Innovations

TU Delft Sports Engineering InstituteWhat do top-level sports and technology have to do with each other? Everything! Top-level sport is extremely demanding, and not just in physical terms. In order to keep on improving their performances, top-level athletes need to look beyond just their physical capacities... >> Read more 

VPdelta, Delta Technolgy & Water

Innovative initiatives
The valorisation program Delta Technolgy & Water (VPdelta) is a program that takes the cluster of delta technology and water as starting point for promoting and advancing innovative initiatives. The program aims to endorse collaboration between (starting) companies, research and educational institutions and governmental organizations that are active in the field of delta technology and hydraulic engineering. >> Read more

Medical Innovations

Medische InnovatiesMedic realizes technological innovations in medical sciences and health care by bringing smart ideas to the marketplace. These ideas may come from researchers, companies and health professionals. >> Read more

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