Admission Requirements

The general requirements for admission are:

  1. A nomination from your exchange coordinator / project supervisor at our home university
    Stating their name and indicating they approve of your application to TU Delft, and that the credits obtained for the selected courses / project at TU Delft will be recognised by your home university.

  2. Proof of English Language proficiency:
    Read the TU Delft language requirements. Nationals of the People's Republic of China please note: You need a 'Nuffic-certificate' to apply for TU Delft's MSc programmes.

  3. A clear and relevant motivation letter in English

    •      Why you wish to conduct in the exchange programme abroad
    •      Why you are interested in TU Delft
    •      Indicate which (research) topics interest you and explain your particular interes

  4. Credits & Course

    •      Exchange students must take a course load equal to 24-30 ECTS. Semesters at TU Delft are divided into two periods. We recommend to choose a course package consisting of a maximum workload of 12 to 15 ECTS credit points per period.
    •      The majority of the ECTS credits of the courses should be obtained at the faculty in which they are enrolled .
    •      The exchange period at TU Delft, exchange students are not allowed to take on a part-time job, paid or unpaid, without the approval of the Faculty Exchange Coordinator.
    •      TU Delft’s faculties cannot guarantee your place on any individual course as each course placement is subject to availability, the fulfilment of certain preconditions, and timetabling factors. As an exchange student we advise you to be flexible and, before your arrival at TU Delft, have alternative courses ready and approved by your home institution academic advisors. All students are given a two-week period at the start of each semester to make any appropriate modifications to study plans, pending that these changes are approved and validated by all parties. Any further queries regarding courses can be emailed to your faculty exchange coordinator.

    •      The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment offers fixed course packages to incoming exchange students. Bachelor students can only choose from the English-taught Bachelor minor programmes.  Incoming master exchange students can only choose a complete ´MSc1´ package and are not allowed to make their own combination of subjects from different ´MSc1´ packages.

    •      The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences has only limited possibilities to accept students who would like to undertake research-based project-/thesis work during their semester at TU Delft. Please note that only projects with a maximum workload of 10 ECTS are allowed and that students need to combine such a project with courses for at least 15 ECTS.

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