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Free mover students are 'non-degree' students, making their own arrangements. As a free mover student you are not involved in an Erasmus exchange programme or any other bilateral agreement and are required to pay tuition fee at TU Delft. Free movers can be registered at TU Delft for an uninterrupted period of 12 months maximum.

Download the information sheet free mover TU Delft for a summary of all information about free-movers on this website.

At TU Delft international programmes are managed within the faculties. This means that the faculties/departments are responsible for advising, informing, selecting and accepting foreign free mover students. Therefore all requests for information and applications should be directed to the coordinators for international exchange.

Please note that only the faculties of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering and Geosciences and the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management accept free-mover students.

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Contact the Faculty exchange coordinators for programme specific information




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