Organisational structure

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Honorary doctorates

Besides “regular” doctorates, TU Delft also awards honorary doctorates. The recipients of honorary doctorates do not have to write a dissertation. They receive the title of doctor based on the merits of their work. An honorary doctorate is a distinction. It is also a true academic degree and title. It comes with the same rights as a regular doctorate, and it is accompanied by a diploma. Honorary doctorates may be awarded to TU Delft scientists and individuals from other institutions and organisations. Well-known ‘doctores honoris causa’ include Cornelis Lely (1907) en Donald Norman (2006). Read more

Study associations

A study association is for students who follow the same study programme. The association organises lectures, symposia, excursions, mediates for internships, offers study material and such. Read more

Student society

A student society is not associated with a study programme and especially stimulates social contacts between students. Read more

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