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New MOOC: Leadership for Engineers

Learn how to effectively lead in a technology-driven world, define your personal leadership journey...

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Alumni map of the world

Get in touch with fellow TU Delft alumni around the world...

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Research at TU Delft

Explaining the stripes of the zebra

Researchers from Delft University of Technology have made steps to explain how spatial patterns, like the stripes on a...

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Intelligent quantum sensor measures magnetic fields 100 times higher

Magnetic field sensors have important applications in our daily lives. The MRI scanners used in hospitals detect the...

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Business at TU Delft

YES!Delft fourth in the list of European business incubators

The business incubator of TU Delft secured the 4th position in the European UBI Index 2015 list of excellent university...

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Circular Economy: An Introduction

Learn how to contribute to a sustainable economic system by implementing novel business and design approaches

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