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Website Online Learning LIVE!

From now on, TU Delft’ s online education is easily accessible and findable through online-learning.tudelft.nl.

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Pre-University Calculus MOOC live

Starting university in September? Be prepared and follow this online mathematics course!

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Research at TU Delft

Important milestone towards understanding DNA replication

Researchers of TU Delft have shed light on the manner in which the process of DNA replication is stopped in the E. coli...

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Sensing Hotterdam

In the summer of 2014 over 1000 temperature tags were distributed to households in the city of Rotterdam and placed 300...

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Business at TU Delft

Solving water scarcity with sustainable desalination solution

The Virgin Islands are the first to use a new renewable energy driven desalination solution that turns seawater...

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VSParticle Blogs from MIT (3): ‘The Board Meeting’

After a first month of hard work, multiple interviews and good progress it was time to set up a Board...

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