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TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

Want to be considered for one of our scholarships? Then you need to apply for a MSc programme before 1 December...

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Free online courses

Courses for anyone, anywhere in the world without prior education or entrance test. Register now!

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Research at TU Delft

STW grants 6.2 million for TU Delft research

The STW Technology Foundation and the business community will make this available to research into nanoscopy and wind...

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Icon status for Quantum Technology

The Dutch government has awarded the status of National Icon to the research into Quantum Technology (QuTech).

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Entrepreneurship TU Delft

TU Delft Research Exhibition: DIG-it! - 11 November 2014

At this event, TU Delft’s research community presented over 80 research projects that represent ...

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Bi-directional parallel spring mechanism

Robotic solutions are applied more and more in nowadays society. A major drawback of these robotic solutions, as well...

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