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Alleen Engels - AXA has announced two new rounds for the AXA Post-Doctoral Fellowship (post-doc position of 18-24 months, 130.000 euros), we can participate in 1 round. The TU Delft has decided to participate and request for a submission slot in the second round (start April 2017).

We can register 2 TU Delft candidates in total and AXA will decide if and with how many candidates we can continue the application. Because our experience has shown that there will be probably be more interest, we will organize an internal selection procedure. Candidates are asked to write a short proposal (max. 6 pages), 3 April at the latest and to send it to

TU Delft selection process AXA Post-Doctoral grants

  1. TU Delft candidates can send their (short) application (max. 6 pages) and c.v. 3 April at the latest  to
  2. The Valorisation Centre will do an eligibility check and will formulate an advice for the RM.
  3. The advice will be based on the AXA criteria (see brochure).
  4. If there is no real distinction between the candidates we will hold a lottery.
  5. Rector Magnificus Luyben will make the final decision for the two AXA candidates.
  6. AXA will decide which candidate may continue in the procedure.

Short proposal (6 pages) + c.v. (no page limit)

Please address in your proposal the following points, based on the descriptions from AXA, see also brochure chapter 6, page 9:

  • Personal data, current affiliation, names of 2 possible referents, risk cluster, project title, start and end date, keywords, short abstract (max. 1 page).
  • Research project and innovativeness (max. 2 pages): long-term objectives and specific aims, progress beyond the state-of-the-art; innovative nature of the research proposed; proposal bibliographic references.
  • Research plan (max. 2 pages): methodology incl. a description of the materials and methods or experimental strategies; work packages and tasks; Gantt chart; Budget ; Short description of the host laboratory/group with 5 most relevant publications in the past 3 years; Short bio of the future supervisor of host institution with 3 main publications.
  • Impact (max. 1 page): contribution to a better understanding of important hazards and risks, impact of the research on society/communities.
  • Applicant (no page limit): Career statement; Detailed CV, incl. participation to colloquia; Extended list of the most relevant publications; information about past, present or planned mobility.
  • Confirm that you have informed the faculty about your participation. Get in contact with the contract manager for setting up the budget.

Make sure that your research idea fits within one of the AXA topics:

  • Environmental risks (Climate change. Natural hazards & disaster risk reduction. Urbanization & Resilience, Transport and Road Safety. Sustainable Food and Water Management. ).
  • Life risks (Ageing, dependency and long-term care. Chronic diseases. Well-being and prevention. Public Health & healthcare systems.)
  • Socio-economic Risks (Insurance and its influence on the Macroeconomic environment. Geopolitics and the dynamics of international relations. Sustainability of public & private welfare systems. Future of financial markets (low interest rate environment, climate economics…).
  • NEW! ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’: the technological revolution’s Social & economic impact (Medical digitization, Health innovation, Energy transition, Finance, Internet of Things, Social Networks…). Tools and novel approaches to scientific modelling (Bioinformatics, Data Science…). Data privacy & Cybersecurity, ethics, values & regulation. Artificial intelligence & learning. Human behaviors and cyber-physical interactions.


  • Only candidates without a permanent academic position are eligible.
  • The applicant must have been awarded his/her first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) before the beginning of the Post-Doctoral grant and within the 3 years preceding the deadline for the submission of their research proposal.
  • For candidates past, present or planned international mobility is mandatory (for Master/PhD/Post-doc degree). 


  • Be sure to put forward a free standing independent research project.
  • Proposed projects must address academic research and not research&development.
  • Be clear on your work plan and give enough details about your methods.
  • Check the evaluation criteria for the evaluators on page 7-8 of the brochure and keep these in mind during writing.
  • Emphasize your scientific independency in your c.v.

After the internal selection, the Valorisation Centre will submit the 2 candidates’ names and e-mail addresses online to AXA. AXA will decide who may proceed in the competition.
Each candidate then receives all the necessary information to access the application form digitally. The candidate(s) are responsible for filling out their application form online.

Here you will find the brochure.

For questions you can contact Fleur Vermeulen-Duijndam.

**We also would like to inform you about the LEaDing fellows Postdoc programme. See for more information here:**

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