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Clean Tech

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Affordable Solar Fuel thanks to Bipolar Membrane

Date of application: 20.03.2015 | IPC Code: -
Producing hydrogen using solar panels is expensive. Scientists at TU Delft have come up with a new method for reducing the costs, Read more...

Energy labelling based on measurements instead of assumptions

Date of application: 17.03.2015 | IPC Code: -
A new method of measuring heat loss through walls is now making it possible to award more precise energy labels. Read more...

Sampling, delivery and detection, all integrated in one microneedle

Date of application: 30.08.2014 | IPC Code: -
Measuring neurotransmitters directly in brains or in brain tissues requires big sample volumes and expensive lab equipment. Read more...

New and efficient H2O2 generation system for heme proteins

Date of application: 22.08.2014 | IPC Code: -
A team of TU Delft scientists succeeded in developing a new method to perform biocatalytic oxyfinctionalization reactions using so-called, Read more...

Cheap, flexible solar cells based on small molecule azomethines

Date of application: 17.03.2014 | IPC Code: -
Flexible plastic solar cells offer great advantages when compared with traditional silicon solar cells, but productions costs are high. Read more...

Controllable auto-cleaving of photonic waveguides sets a new standard

Date of application: 27.05.2014 | IPC Code:  -
In order to utilize the light maximally, it is important that the end facets of a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) have a low surface roughness. Read more...

Production of Carboxylic Acid Esters from Renewable Sources

Date of application: 28.08.2012 | IPC Code: C07D
Current methods used for the production of carboxylic acid esters have disadvantages that include harmful waste and by-products, high costs, and intensive purification processes. Read more...

PowerWindow, a clean energy-producing window

Date of application: 26.09.2013 | IPC Code: -
Solar panels are cost intensive, have limitations with respect to where they can be integrated into the build environment and, Read more...

Revolutionary reduction of corrosion

Date of application: 28.11.2013 | IPC Code: -
By innovative biobased membrane compound. Iron and steel are widely used for construction purposes. As most structures, Read more...

Shiny future for concrete optics

Date of application: 15.01.2014 | IPC Code: -
A method to produce mirrors by using concrete instead of glass. Read more...

Method to texture the surface of glass

Date of application: 20.12.2013 | IPC Code: -
Scattering of light is used for light in-coupling into a photovoltaic device. The thinner silicon solar cells are, the harder it is to absorb light, Read more...

From wastewater to sustainable paper sizing

Date of application: 14.10.2013 | IPC Code: -
Extracellular polymers substances (EPS) from granular sludge as sizing agent for paper production, Read more...

Measuring properties of light sensitive devices

Date of application: 29.11.2013 | IPC Code: --
A new system, that is one until two orders of magnitude faster and at least two times cheaper than existing measurement systems. Read more...

Porous network concrete

Date of application: 27.04.2011 | IPC Code: C04B, E04G
A new healing process for concrete enables autonomous repairs and can greatly expand the service life of concrete structures. Read more...

Biobased membrane compound protects concrete from drying

Date of application: 03.10.2013 | IPC Code: -
Undesired drying of concrete and cement paste is a nightmare for any construction engineer. The consequence of moisture loss and drying, Read more...

Fully autonomous free-floating flap

Date of application: 23.01.2014 | IPC Code: -
Active load alleviation is getting more and more important in the domains of aerospace and wind energy. Read more...

The Multi-functional Modular Multilevel Converter, M3C

Date of application: 27.07.2012 | IPC Code: H02M
The ongoing revolution in high & medium voltage technology: researchers have created the next generation of Modular Multilevel Converters. Read more...

CompEx: an ultra light composite exhaust system

Date of application: 11.11.2010 | IPC Code: -
A lightweight exhaust system of fibre-reinforced plastic. Researchers at TU Delft designed an exhaust that is no longer made of steel, but of a composite material: phenolic resin reinforced with carbon fibre. Read more...

Self healing concrete - materials that can repair itself

Date of application: 23.01.2008 | IPC Code: C04B20/10
Prevention is better than cure, and that applies to the construction industry too. Buildings, however, are exposed to the elements for years, even centuries, on end. Air, changes in temperature and, especially, Read more...

Less is more with new system for treating wastewater

Date of application: 17.09.2009 | IPC Code: C02F
High concentrations of phosphate and nitrate in surface water can lead to an excessive growth of algae and oxygen deficiency, which are harmful to the quality of swimming and drinking water and to biodiversity. Read more...

Biofuel production- used in diesel, petrol or kerosene engines

Date of application: 22.06.2011 | IPC Code: IPC code: C12P
A new process using a strain of Clostridium bacteria can successfully convert biomass into butyl butyrate. This offers opportunities to make road haulage and aviation greener; Read more...

A lithium battery with double energy

Date of application: 21.07.2011 | IPC Code: H01M
With the invention of a new way to realize a lithium battery it is possible to enlarge the electrode thickness and with it the, Read more...

Accurate One-Camera Measurement of Wind Turbine Deformations

Date of application: 01.11.32011 | IPC Code: G01B, F03D, G01H
Fossil fuels will at some point in the future be depleted, therefore new sources of energy need to be found. Wind energy is one of these new, Read more...

The Bypass Dome

Date of application: 18.07.2011 | IPC Code: -
This invention could potentially solve the Underwater Oil Spills problem by containing underwater solutions for a broad range, Read more...

Cost-Effective Collapsible Greenhouse for Emerging Economies

Date of application: 24.04.2012 | IPC Code: E04H
It can be used anywhere in the world. What makes it inexpensive is that it can be produced locally, yet to standard blueprints and performance, Read more...

Algae biofuel

Date of application: 18.07.2011 | IPC Code: C12N, C12P
The world’s energy demand is ever increasing, but sources of fossil fuels are depleting rapidly. New fuel sources need to be found, Read more...

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