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Mobile Communication via White Spaces

Date of application: 27.10.2015 | IPC Code: --
Mobile wireless communication systems all have their own bandwidth in which they can operate. But these systems do not all make continuous use of the allocated frequencies. Read more...

Cheap oscillator delivers top performance

Date of application: 24.06.2014 | IPC Code: --
Nearly all electronic instruments need oscillators, from microwaves to smartphones. Most promising application is in telecommunication chips. Read more...

Silicon transistors on plastic foils

Date of application: 08.09.2011 | IPC Code: H01L, H05K
Roll-to-Roll fabrication. Dewetting, the new method which is developed at TU Delft uses ‘liquid silicon’ or ’silicon ink’ and offers a solution, read more...

Man-machine interface, displaying data at freeform surfaces

Date of application: 16.07.2013 | IPC Code: -
Displays that may be considered part of a man-machine interface are almost exclusively rectangular flat surfaces, Read more...

Haptic feedback system

Date of application: 08.06.2010 | IPC Code: B60W50/08, B62D6/00, B62D15/02
As cars have become technically ever safer over the decades,drivers have remained largely the same. It can even be argued that, Read more...

Sensor Tag - The sensitive tag that keeps track for you

Date of application: 29.12.2006 | IPC Code: G01D5/24, G01N27/22
Cards with chips come in all shapes and sizes, from library membership cards to hotel room keys. They use RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. Read more...

Generic March Element based Memory BIST

Date of application: 16.03.2010 | IPC Code: G11C
Embedded memories take up ever more of the System-on-chip area. Memory Builtin-Self-Test (MBIST) is the most efficient method to test and diagnose problems with embedded memories. Read more...

A memristor based on electromigration in a metal alloy

Date of application: 29.05.2013 | IPC Code: -
When researching the migration of atoms in a very thin metallic line, nano-scientists of TU Delft encountered a new mechanism for memristor technology. They found that it might be possible, Read more...

Vario-scale maps smoothen your zoom

Date of application: 19.04.2011 | IPC Code: IPC code: G06T
Maps are the oldest form of recorded human knowledge. The earliest maps go back 6 000 years and thus pre-date written text. Read more...

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