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Highly effective drag reduction system

Date of application: 26.11.2013 | IPC Code:-
Due to the large length of some flat-bottomed boats, there is a large contact surface between the bottom of such vessels and the water. Read more...

Fully autonomous free-floating flap

Date of application: 23.01.2014 | IPC Code: -
Active load alleviation is getting more and more important in the domains of aerospace and wind energy. Read more...

Method for connecting InSAR data to a geodetic reference system

TDate of application: 06.09.2013 | IPC Code: -
he measurements can be used to predict natural hazards like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, or to assess the,  Read more...

Biobased membrane compound protects concrete from drying

Date of application: 03.10.2013 | IPC Code: -
Undesired drying of concrete and cement paste is a nightmare for any construction engineer. The consequence of moisture loss and drying, Read more...

A helicopter that’s easier to maintain and better to handle

Date of application: 17.07.2013 | IPC Code: -
Involving the tail in commanding the helicopter not only reduces the structural load on the main rotor, but also makes the helicopter easier to handle, Read more...

Tilting vehicle suspension lifts driving experience to next level

Date of application: 17.05.2013 | IPC Code: -
Most drivers, especially scooter drivers, are quite familiar with the experience of being thrown back and forth inside or on their vehicle, Read more...

CompEx: an ultra light composite exhaust system

Date of application: 11.11.2010 | IPC Code: -
A lightweight exhaust system of fibre-reinforced plastic. Researchers at TU Delft designed an exhaust that is no longer made of steel, but of a composite material: phenolic resin reinforced with carbon fibre. Read more...

Flexible building method with sheets of mouldable material

Date of application: 30.09.2009 | IPC Code: E04B1/16
This new building method makes it possible to build quickly and flexibly, often with the help of locally available materials. Read more...

Passive compensation of a tram’s stray magnetic fields

Date of application: 17.07.2007 | IPC Code: B60M
No more disturbing effects to sensitive measurements! A two kilometer stretch of Delft’s tramline 19 is the showcase of the world’s first compensation system for a tram’s stray magnetic fields, preventing sensitive, Read more...

Detection method for squats

Date of application: 13.08.2009 | IPC Code: B61K9/10, B61L23/04
Damage to the rails on railways often occurs as a result of the contact between the moving wheels and the rail surface, Read more...

Porous network concrete

Date of application: 27.04.2011 | IPC Code: C04B, E04G
A new healing process for concrete enables autonomous repairs and can greatly expand the service life of concrete structures. Read more...

Safe structural glass elements

Date of application: 09.07.2012 | IPC Code: -
With this Smart and simple solution for connecting structural glass columns and beams, it will become possible to build bigger all-glass, Read more...

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