In search for solutions for coastal erosion Vietnam

21 april 2016 door
Coastal erosion Vietnam

With its long coastline Vietnam is one of the country’s most struck by Climate Change, El Nino and other heavy weather phenomena (e.g. typhoons). One of the effects is the heavy coastal erosion which at some places even leads to houses and infrastructure being completely swapped away by coastal landslides caused by sea erosion.

The TU Delft is working in Vietnam on Coastal Engineering since the nineties. Vietnam is an extremely interested country for research on coastal engineering. This long-standing relation between the Water Resources University of Hanoi and TU Delft has led to the establishment of the Joint-venture called VINWATER. VINWATER is  a science and technology organization that aims to serve the needs of the market for applied oriented research and consulting in the rapid changing circumstances in Vietnam.

In February-March 2016, Prof Marcel Stive of CITG was invited by the Vietnamese government to visit the coast in Binh Thuan province in Southern Vietnam and give his professional advice. Recently 41 houses were damaged and people lost their houses. Together with Dr. Mai Van Cong, Director of VINWATER and alumnus of TU Delft they visited the area and give their advice on the situation.

In the media

It was broadcasted on the News of the national Television Station: VTV1 NEWS on 19:00 Feb. 24th

Follow the link to view the broadcast at VTV1 NEWS on 19:00 Feb. 24th about Coastal Erosion in Binh Thuan, including the interview with prof Marcel Stive and our working session with MARD and Binh Thuan PC (at minute 27).

Marcel Stive Holland in Binh Thuan



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