ISEA 2016 – The Engineering of Sport

14 juni 2016 door

From July 11-14th 2016 the Sports Engineering Institute of Delft University of Technology will host the 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association.

The conference programme provides inspiring keynote lectures and different possibilities to meet scientist and students in the field of Sports Engineering from all over the world in an informal setting.
See for an overview of the researchers of Delft University of Technology, who will present their work, the list below.

If you want to attend the conference, please register before 15th of June and get a €100,- early bird reduction on the entrance fee.

Interdisciplinary TU Delft Sports Engineering research presented at ISEA2016:

  • Keynote lecture ‘The art and science of cycling’, Arend Schwab (3ME)
  • ‘Drag performance of compliant suface materials for watersports’, Arnoud Greidanus, Rene Delfos, Jerry Westerweel (3ME)
  • ‘Push characteristics in wheelchair court sport sprinting’, Rienk van der Slikke, Monique Berger, Daan Bregman, Dirk Jan Veeger (The Hague University of Applied Sciences together with Delft University of Technology (3ME)),
  • ‘The optimal power distribution for cycling in a time trial’, Robbert Fokkink, Jenny de Jong, Geert Jan Olsder, Arend Schwab (EEMCS and 3ME),
  • ‘Computational design for sport buildings’, Michela Turrin, Ding Yang, Antonio D'Aquilio, Rusne Sileryte, Yimin Sun (A+BE)
  • On-site quantitative airflow visualization for speed sports’, Wouter Terra, Andrea Sciacchitano, Fulvio Scarano (AE)
  • ‘Speedstrips in rowing: reducation of air-resistance’, Conno Kuyt, Arnoud Greidanus, Jerry Westerweel (3ME)
  • Getting the angles straight in speed skating: a validation study on a IMU filter design to measure the lean angle of the skate on the straights’, Eline van der Kruk, A.L. Schwab, F.C.T. van der Helm, H.E.J. Veeger (3ME)
  • ‘Elite athlete motor and loading actions at the shoulder during baseball pitching’,  
  • Xavier Gasparutto, Erik van der Graaff, Frans van der Helm, Drikjan Veeger (3ME)

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