National ‘Sportinnovator’ Award for ‘measurement-cycle’

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TU Delft’s Sports Engineering Institute won the SportInnovator Award for its project ‘Faster and safer cornering with the sensor bike’ on 11 October 2016.

The Jury, consisting of representatives of sports federations, government, science and technology, awarded the Sports Engineering Institute of TU Delft because the measurement-cycle project adds value to both elite sports and society.

Photo: Wouter Roosenboom 

The optimal descent
TU Delft scientists are developing a ‘sensor bike’ that provides measurements and insights into the inclination angle, the speed and the cyclist’s behaviour with regard to steering and braking. This measurement-cycle is one of the innovations that have arisen from the recently signed innovation partnership between the TU Delft and professional cycling team Giant-Alpecin. Via an app, the cyclists and their coaches receive feedback on decisions made during trial runs. This way, they can determine optimal steering and braking patterns and bicycle stability in general.

Photo: Koninklijke Gazelle

Self-stabilising bicycle
Bicycle control and steering plays also a crucial role in the 30% increase of the amount of bicycle-related accidents, especially as a result of bicycle instability for elderly people. That is why the Sports Engineering Institute of TU Delft also teams up with Koninklijke Gazelle, to develop a prototype self-stabilising bicycle, in order to analyse the cycling behaviour of elderly, with the use of the sensor bike. This information will then be integrated into the steering column by means of a small electric motor, that adjusts when the cyclist is about to fall. The system, based on smart algorithms, contributes to decreasing bicycle related falls and an active lifestyle for the elderly.

The development of both prototypes builds on the scientific research into bicycle stability and control of the TU Delft. The Sport Innovator Award’s prize money of 30.000 enables the further development of the prototypes into two physical products with an impact on both elite sports as society.

TU Delft new Sportinnovator centre

The TU Delft Sports Engineering Institute was also declared a Sportinnovator centre. Such a centre is considered by the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and ZonMW, to be a meeting ground, where researchers, entrepreneurs, governments and sports organisations collaborate on the development of profitable innovations in sports. The centres are part of a cohesive network and together form the basis of the Sportinnovator ecosystem.

National ‘Sportinnovator’ Award for ‘measurement-bike’ project TU Delft
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