Participating Sections

 The research conducted within the Delft Centre for Materials covers a wide range of materials research and engineering. All major material classes (polymers, metals, ceramics/cement based materials, laminates, composites and bio-based materials) hold a solid position in the TU Delft materials research portfolio.

These materials are characterised, optimised, produced and processed by in a number of ways and by various techniques. The - desired or observed - materials properties are also modelled, resulting in new insights in the exact structure and behaviour of the materials on microscopic length scales, leading to new, improved materials. Mesoscopic and macroscopic simulation techniques are used to predict the behaviour of the materials in macroscopic applications.

Links to all the participating sections and more information about their research can be found below.


Chair Holder:



Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering   

Microstructural Control in Metals (MCM)

Prof. J. Sietsma (Jilt) 

Structure and Change in Materials (S&C)

Prof.dr. I.M. Richardson (Ian) 


Faculty of Aerospace Engineering 

Composites A. Beukers (Adriaan) 

Structural Integrity R. Benedictus (Rinze) 

Novel Aerospace Materials

Prof.Dr.Ir. S. van der Zwaag (Sybrand) 

Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics

Prof. dr. Z. Gurdal (Zafer) 



Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences 

Steel Structures

Vacant / Dr. M.H. Kolstein 

Timber Structures and Wood Technology J.W.G. van de Kuilen 

Computational Mechanics of Materials

Prof. Dr. Ir. L.J. Sluys (Bert) 

Computational Modelling of Structures

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.G. Rots (Jan)


Prof. dr. A. Scarpas (Tom)

Concrete Modelling and Material Behaviour 


Prof. dr. ir. K. van Breugel (Klaas)

Faculty of Applied Sciences 

NanoStructured Materials

Prof.dr. S.J. Picken / Prof.dr. A. Schmidt-Ott

High Resolution Electron Microscopy

Prof.dr. H.W. Zandbergen (Henny)

Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy (FAME)

Prof.dr. E.H. Brück (Ekkes) 

Neutron and Positron Methods in Materials

Prof. dr. C. Pappas 

Botanical Garden

Drs. W.N.J. Ursem



Faculty of Architecture 


Prof. ir. R. P. J. van Hees (Rob) 


Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering 

Embodiment Design

Prof.dr. C. Spitas (Christos)


Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science 

Numerical Analysis  

Prof. dr. ir. C. Vuik (Kees) 




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