Self Healing Materials

DCMat’s first collaborative research programme was Self Healing Materials.

Self Healing Materials are materials that have the build in capability to repair (early stage) damage, that would finally lead to material failure, autonomously or with minor external stimulus. Evidently nature is a major source of inspiration for this type of research: living organisms already possess the property of autonomous repair of damage (wound healing, recovery of broken limbs).

Although the phenomenon of Self Healing has been recognised in materials throughout history, especially with regards to biological systems, it was only recently that the property of Self Healing was seriously considered as a desirable function for man-made materials. Beginning with the first successful incorporation of self healing functionality in a (man-made) epoxy-system via micro-encapsulation by Scott White and partners at the University of Illinois in 2001 (read article in Nature here), now the field is gaining momentum and the first glimpses of a newly emerging scientific community becomes visible.

Delft Centre for Materials has taken the initiative for an Innovation Oriented research Programme (IOP) of SenterNovem resp. Agentschap NL (funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) in the field of Self Healing Materials. Since 2006, 35 TU Delft projects have been funded by the IOP.

Agentschap NL conducts the Innovation Oriented research Program (IOP) on Self Healing Materials. This programme, initiated by Delft Centre for Materials, started after intensive consultation with universities, research institutes and industry. More information on this research programme can be found on the IOP Self Healing Materials website.

Download the IOP brochure here

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