Young Wild Ideas

In the current financial regime in academia, with programmatically earmarked money streams, it is relatively difficult to fund short-term projects to explore new, wild ideas with a higher risk of success. To help establish and foster a more innovative and frontier breaking research climate in within the Materials Science and Engineering Community at TU Delft and to promote a bottom-up approach for new topics, the Delft Centre for materials has established theYoung Wild Ideas (YWI) programme.

In this programme, BSc, MSc students and PhD students can obtain financial support of € 10,000.-- for a period of maximum 12 months to explore an entirely new research approach in the broad research area of Materials Science and Engineering. A project will be considered for funding when this Materials Science aspect is somewhere a substantial part of the application: be it in materials selection, materials processing, a novel application for an existing material or the development of a new material with new properties.

If you have a good idea in the field of materials science and engineering, but you lack the money, equipment, and contacts to carry it out, the YWI grant is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to obtain seed money to help with your research.

The application has to be made by the individual student on a personal basis, rather than by his academic supervisor. The Delft Centre for Materials's YWI Committee collects the proposals and choose those projects for granting that are closest to the aims of the programme: high risk, wild and original. 




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