The programme starts at 14:00. You are kindly requested to take your seat in the Auditorium by 13:45.

Aula Conference Centre TU Delft,
Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC Delft



Programme seminar Technology for Life: Health and Technology

12 January 2017

Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Venue: Aula Conference Centre TU Delft

What is the impact of water supply and sanitation on public health? Which research and implementation do secure UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 in sub Saharan Africa? How much time has a government to mitigate the spread of a lethal virus (Sicca, Ebola, ...)? Can epidemic theory model cascading failures in infrastructural networks? 

  •  Session 1: Moderator/chairman: Luuk Rietveld

    • Gertjan Medema (KWR and TU Delft/Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences): 
      Water and infectious diseases: how do we reach the Sustainable Development Goals?
    • Huub Savenije (TU Delft - Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences): 
      Securing water in the anthropocene
    • Manuel Alvarinho (honorary doctor, CRA, Mozambique): 
      How water supply and sanitation relates to improved health in Mozambique
  • Break 

  • Session 2: Moderator/chairman: Luuk Rietveld

    • Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich/TU Delft - Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management): 
      How to counter diseases with network science and participatory systems?
    • Piet Van Mieghem (TU Delft – Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science): 
      Why is epidemic modeling on networks so fascinating?
    • Alessandro Vespignani (honorary doctor, Northeastern University, Boston): 
      From the theory of reaction-diffusion in networks to the forecast of emerging infectious diseases
  • Closing (Luuk Rietveld)

At the celebration of the 175th TU Delft foundation day, the speakers will address the impact of water on health and how to compute and predict epidemic spread over networks.

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