MSc Coordinator R. Happee
T +31 15 27 83213

Vehicle Engineering

Future vehicles shall be clean, efficient and safe and automated driving will soon be possible in consumer vehicles.

In the first year of the MSc Track in Vehicle Engineering we will provide in depth multidisciplinary knowledge of current and future vehicle technology, complemented with top level courses in mechanical engineering. TU Delft develops its own automated vehicles and closely cooperates with the Automotive Industry. Courses are thereby based on the latest innovations, and masters assignments can be performed with experimental vehicles at TU Delft and partners.

What will you learn
Education in automated driving focusses on sensing using computer vision to detect other road users, and path planning and control to navigate through traffic. Sensing combines multiple sensors (camera, radar, laser) to provide reliable detection. Advanced control methods are introduced to ensure a safe interaction with other road users. Vehicle mechatronics includes smart sensing and control of brakes, active suspension and other actuators to optimise safety, efficiency and comfort.

Human factors investigates and improves the human to vehicle interaction. In automated driving we investigate the human ability to perform as a backup in cases which cannot be handled by the automation, and the interaction of automated vehicles with other road users including pedestrians and cyclists. Education in materials addresses the latest lightweight materials including composites, and their performance in durability, sustainability and energy absorption in crash conditions.

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