Antonios Somarakis

Name: Antonios Somarakis
Country: Greece
Former University: National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Programme: MSc. Biomedical engineering
 Antonios Somarakis

Antonios Somarakis

My name is Antonis and I come from Greece, where I have obtained my Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During my studies, I realized that the best way to fulfil my ambitions and come up with my social mission was to pursue the field of Biomedical Engineering. Hence, I could not imagine a better place to specialize in that field than TU Delft. Companies like Phillips, Mechatron ,Toshiba and a lot of start-ups and spin-off companies of the university offer a lot of research and work opportunities in the field of Biomedical Engineering. 

As I have been already in your position, I can understand all of the thoughts that conquer their minds."How difficult would the courses be?" ,"Is it difficult to find a proper house in Delft?" ,"Is it possible to find a job in Netherlands after I finish my studies there?", "Could I practise Tennis in TU Delft ?" and many more minor or major questions. So, by being part of the Ambassador project of TU Delft, I hope to aid the prospective students to solve all these and other queries that they have.

 Moreover, Delft is a bike city! Everyone rides a bike. This could be the initiative to start a bike tour with your friends ,as Delft and its outskirts offer really outstanding places to have a picnic or play football in a green valley! Also, every Thursday and Saturday there is a market place, which is basically a flea market, which is full of pleasant smells and nice tasty foods. It is really awesome that's why I visit it every Thursday, when it is not too crowded and there are mostly local people. A quick tip:Apply as soon as possible! There are a lot of scholarship opportunities and also it would be easier for youto find a proper house. |

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