Boeun Park

Name: Boeun Park
Country: South Korea
Former University: Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Programme: Engineering and Policy Analysis
 Boen Park

Boeun Park

Studying Environmental engineering for Bachelor I have participated in many different environment activities with students from Delft. I was pretty impressed by those students who are very well-motived and intelligent. Therefore when I had to choose the university for my master study, I didn’t hesitate to choose TU Delft ☺

There were not enough information sources that I can get an insight in student life in Delft. It would be nice if there are more writings from enrolled students that are based on their vivid experience.

I recently work as a student reporter for the Study in Holland organization that is established by Dutch educational organization in purpose of promoting study programs in Holland and offering opportunities for international students to study in Holland. I write about the student life in Holland, especially in Delft as international student. You can find my blog articles here!

Your life will be way easier if you are good at cycling! And for the people from the countries of “exotic” cuisines whose staple food is different than average European meal (which is mostly bread and cheese..), bring your country’s sauce or herb that you think it could be difficult to buy in the Netherlands. That will save some time for you to search the nearest market that has that stuff!

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